AHIMA Annual House Meeting Recap

The House of Delegates 76th Annual Meeting was held in person on Sunday, October 9, in Columbus, OH. There were 175 delegates from 47 of the 52 CSAs in attendance, along with 12 members of the AHIMA Board of Directors.

The House of Delegates representing New Mexico HIMA for the 76th Annual Meeting were Shawna Ramey – President; Rose McGinn – President-elect; Mechel McKinney – Past President and Jennifer Sandoval – NMHIMA Secretary/Delegate.

House Speaker Jeannine Cain, MSHI, RHIA, CPHI, welcomed the delegates to the meeting and opened with an update on the past year’s activities. Next, there was a discussion about challenges facing the HI profession and the Association, as well as strategies to collectively address them in the short- and long-term, led by AHIMA CEO Wylecia Wiggs Harris; Tim Keough, AHIMA Board president/chair; Keith Olenik, AHIMA chief member relations and service officer; Dana Perrino, AHIMA vice president of membership; and Lauren Riplinger, AHIMA vice president of policy and government affairs led. Terri Eichelmann, AHIMA Board treasurer, and Breian Meakens, AHIMA VP of Finance, provided a financial update.

During the House business meeting, 13 bylaw motions were presented with 12 receiving a favorable vote. After lunch, Jeannine Cain, Susan Scully, Keith Olenik, and Annessa Kirby reviewed the specific functions and goals of the House, and delegates shared some of the key challenges—and opportunities—the profession is facing. The key takeaways included the need to amplify the voice of HI professionals and getting a seat at more tables.

Dr. Irby Hunter invited delegates to next year’s AHIMA23 conference and House meeting, October 8–11, 2023, in Baltimore, MD. The day wrapped up with closing remarks from Susan Scully, the speaker of the House-elect, as we look toward 2023.

Member Value: What’s In It For You!

AHIMA has been focused on expanding the value of AHIMA membership. One thing we know is that staying connected with a professional community (even if you’re not physically together) means you have each other to lean on for support and advice. Access to the trusted content that AHIMA provides, career-boosting resources specific to HI professionals, and relationships with a community of HI professionals are key to success.

Recent Added Value

  • Quarterly New Member Welcome Webinar, providing new members with the history of AHIMA, certification information, and how to join a community on Access
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  • Exclusive content in the Journal of AHIMA

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